Reiki is a form of natural energy healing used to cleanse and clear your energy fields and is hugely beneficial for your overall wellbeing. We are made up of energy (prana/life force as you may have heard me reference in yoga) and this energy flows through our physical body via our energy centres (Chakras) and pathways (Meridians). Our energy is so sensitive and can be effected by many things including our thoughts and feelings, situations, people and places, and even the food that we eat. When our Chakras or Meridians become blocked or out of balance, it effects our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. When thinking about improving your overall wellbeing, it’s important to also consider taking care of your personal energy – the life force that keeps you going!

In a In Person Reiki session with me, you’ll relax, fully clothed & covered, on my Reiki table lying on your back as I channel Reiki healing energy to you. This consists of me placing my hands on or above you as I move my way around your body (eyes, temples and ears, back of the head, chin, shoulders, wrists, torso, hips, knees and ankles). You may feel warmth from my hands, see colours, be more intuitive and receive messages, or you may feel nothing but relaxation. Every experience is different and all you need to do is relax and be open to receiving. The Reiki will do whatever work is required.

After a Reiki session you can feel energised, refreshed, lighter, more balanced and centered, less stressed, calmer and deeply relaxed. You’re also likely to have a better night’s sleep! Reiki can have a detox effect so it’s important to hydrate and follow your body’s needs afterwards. Reiki is cumulative and even though results after your first session may be subtle, Reiki can provide progressively deeper experiences in each further session.

Whatever you want, as long as you are comfortable! You will remove your shoes for the session and glasses if you wear them. I will place a pillow under your head and knees and a soothing lavender eye pillow over your eyes. If you have long hair, be mindful of putting it up in a ponytail or bun as you will be laying down on your back and I do place my hands at the back of your head during the session.

In my Private Yoga & Reiki treatment room in my home in Stawell (details provided on booking). You can be assured of complete privacy at all times. Please be aware that I am a fur-mum of two cats. They are not allowed in my treatment room and are separated from that part of our home during private sessions but they do live indoors so please be aware of that if you are allergic or highly sensitive to cat hair.

If you are not located in Stawell or unable to make it to an in person session, I also perform Distant Reiki. You do not have to be present at all and you don’t even have to stop what you are doing to receive this healing. You could even be at work! You will still receive the benefits of the healing.

Mondays: 3pm or 5pm
Thursdays: 10.30am, 1pm or 3pm
*Other appointment times may be available upon request.

In Person – Option 1:
30-45 mins: $60
Package of 4 sessions*: $200

In Person – Option 2:
Reiki plus an Emmett grounding balance, singing bowl sound healing, crystals and essential oil aroma.
60 mins: $75
Package of 4 sessions*: $260

Distant Reiki:
30-45 mins: $50
Package of 4 sessions*: $180

*Package appointments are to be booked weekly, fortnightly or every third week at the time of purchase
In Person Reiki: Payment is to be made at your session by either cash, credit card or Grampians Wellbeing Gift Certificate.
Distant Reiki: Payment is to be made via bank transfer before the healing takes place or you can use your Grampians Wellbeing Gift Certificate.

Things don’t always go to plan, I know – that’s life! If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please contact me to cancel or move your booking as soon as you are able to as I only have limited private appointments available. I spend time preparing for your appointment and am already holding that space for you before you arrive.
↠ On the day cancellations incur 50% of the treatment price.
↠ Cancellations within one hour of your appointment or no-shows (ie, you do not show up for your scheduled appointment) will incur the full treatment price.
↠ Please arrive at your specified appointment time and allow 45 minutes (option 1) or 60 minutes (option 2) in total for your session.
↠ If you are late to your appointment, you will receive the balance of your allocated treatment time.

To book, please complete the below form with 2-3 days/times from the above list of appointment times and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can to confirm your appointment.

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