5 Day Wellbeing Challenge

Recharge & Reconnect – 5 Day Wellbeing Challenge

Fresh New Year – Fresh New You!

It’s time to recommit to making your wellbeing a priority again!

Join me for my new 5 DAY WELLBEING CHALLENGE ~ Self care and Wellbeing for busy people.


You’ll receive 5 bite-sized self care practices delivered to your inbox every morning.

DAY 1: Recentre and reground with your breath. Learn how to use this superpower to find calm.

DAY 2: Tackling neck & shoulder tension. Who doesn’t have tight neck & shoulders these days? Simple techniques to release tension.

DAY 3: Start your day right with an invigorating 10 minute morning yoga practice.

DAY 4: Finish your day with a 10 minute relaxing evening practice for better sleep and wellbeing.

DAY 5: Block out the world with a calming and relaxing 10 minute body scan meditation.

Join me for a little refresh by dedicating just 10 MINUTES A DAY to your self care and wellbeing.

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