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Hi, I’m Sheree

I’ve been where you are – struggling with stress and overwhelm, feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day to fit everything in. We’re great at prioritising everyone else aren’t we? Our boss, partner, kids, friends …

It took some big decisions to change my life and prioritise my own wellbeing, and yoga became my sanctuary.

It helps me slow my busy mind, calm my frazzled nervous system and feel so much better in my body {that I have spent my whole life trying to change}.

I don’t care what your body shape is, what brand your leggings are or how spiritual you are {or are not}.

I will meet you where you’re at during any of my offerings, help you nurture your tired body, mind and soul and remind you how damn fabulous you are!

* You are so welcome here *


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All classes and private appointments are now at Grampians Movement & Wellbeing Centre
11A Ararat Road, Stawell!

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