Welcome to Grampians Wellbeing

Yoga for your Mind, Body & Soul

It’s time to throw out all your preconceived ideas about yoga

(‘I’m not flexible enough’ … ‘I don’t have time for stretching’)

and let me help you improve your

overall wellbeing to live a



and more MEANINGFUL life

… on & off the mat.

Do you have aches & pains, tightness or weakness in your body? … I can help ✅

Is your mind always in overdrive and you find it difficult to turn off? … I can help ✅

Feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or any other negative emotions or energy? … I can help ✅

Too busy looking after everyone else, instead of yourself? … I can help ✅

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Text or call between 10am & 5pm Monday to Friday: 0423 149 226

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