Hi! I’m Sheree Inglis {pronounced Ingles … yep, I’ll be explaining that one for the rest of my life!} and I’ve spent too much of my life stressed… but in 2019, I decided I was done with that.

The previous year, I’d studied a Diploma of Hatha Yoga while I was working a ‘more-than-fulltime’ job. I was an avid yogi {cue: stress reliever} and I wanted to deepen my own personal knowledge of yoga. It was never my intention to be a teacher but once I finished studying, I knew I had to pass on what I’d learned. It was too good not to!

In September 2018, I founded Grampians Wellbeing and started teaching yoga classes at the Stawell Railway Station Gallery. Six months later, I quit my long term Regional Manager Corporate job to run my business fulltime.

For the first time in my life, I was doing a job that made other people happy. I got to see first-hand how yoga was changing my students lives, the exact same way it had for me.

In 2020, I became a Reiki Master and becoming an energy healer has hugely enhanced my yoga teaching and my life. This beautiful, natural therapy perfectly compliments yoga and has allows me to provide another level of healing into my offerings – both on the mat and on the reiki table.

A teacher is always a student and my desire to keep learning and expanding my knowledge and life experience is always evolving! Here’s my list of qualifications and achievements so far:

● 350hr Diploma of Hatha Yoga – Sally Louise Yoga
● 100hr Yin Yoga Post Graduate Certificate – Sally Louise Yoga
● Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training Master Class Series – Sally Louise Yoga
● EMM-Tech Training {Emmett Technique – Easy Muscle Management}
● Reiki Level I, Level II & Level III {Reiki Mastership} – Melanie Robinson Master Healer
● Breathwork Teacher Training – Anjali Yoga Academy
● Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Training – Ali Young Sound Therapist
● Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Training – Ali Young Sound Therapist
● Yin Yoga Myofascial Release and Acupressure Teacher Training – Akira Yoga
● Mental Health First Aid – Mental Health First Aid Australia
● Working with Children Check
● Member of IICT {International Institute for Complementary Therapists}

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Did you know that Grampians Wellbeing will be moving soon?!

Our new Movement & Wellbeing Hub will be located at 11a Ararat Road, Stawell and until we officially move in, you may notice some small changes on the website.

Hang tight - things are getting a freshen up and will be back up and fully available soon!

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