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Treat yourself with my very special monthly offering : Renew.


Pure nourishment for your mind, body and soul consisting of:

  • BREATH:  Pranayama / Breathwork to help slow and calm your central nervous system.
  • MEDITATION:  Yoga Nidra / Meditation designed to help quieten your busy mind and give you a break from life.
  • SOUND:  Healing sound frequencies wash over you and help bring you back into your natural state of vibrational balance.


This event is all floor based {think restorative rest and relaxation}.  We start seated on your mat for breath, then lay down on your back {or whatever shape is most comfortable for you} for meditation and sound healing.  Absolutely no yoga, meditation or sound healing experience is necessary.


Bring any props and layers you need to be as comfortable as possible {eg, bolster, blanket, eye pillow etc} and expect to feel deeply nourished and relaxed.


LOCATION:  Overland Room, Stawell Railway Station Gallery

DATES:  First Wednesday of each month

TIME:  5.45pm to 7.15pm {90 mins}

PRICE:  $45  Yoga Members:  $40.50


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